How to change Hotmail password with easy Steps: Password Reset

Hotmail password Reset: How to change your Hotmail or password isn’t always obvious, particularly when Microsoft keeps changing the interface. I’ll walk you through how to change your Hotmail password. As Microsoft updates its mail offering, some of its features are moving or changing. As I’ve mentioned before, if you have a Hotmail (or, as it’s now called) account, you should expect change. Change happens. Sometimes, it’s small and other times, it’s quite dramatic – such as how you change your password. I’ll walk through the steps to change your password in the current (as of this writing) design.

Among a wide cluster of challenges that the Hotmail clients confront, overlooked secret key is the most well-known one. Individuals regularly overlook their passwords and call at Hotmail watchword reset telephone number to reset their secret key once more. Hotmail clients need to reset their passwords because of three essential reasons:

Main Reasons to Reset Hotmail Password:

  • They overlook the Passwords while utilising the Hotmail benefit after quite a while.
  • Confounding passwords which they not able to recollect totally.
  • They need to change the passwords as a safety effort.

Steps to Change Password:

  1. Login to are probably other ways to get to this, but the most familiar are to simply login to your email online using
  2. Yes, you must be able to login to change your password.
    Start by clicking the gear icon near the upper right. Then, click More mail settings from the drop-down menu.
    On the resulting page, under Managing your account, click Account details (password, aliases, time zone): Account details link
  3. For security, you may be asked for your password again. Once you’ve entered it correctly, the Overview page opens.Microsoft account summary
  4. Look for the Password and Security Info section and click the Change password link. This takes you through the steps to change your password.

Important: You’ve changed your Microsoft account password


It’s important to realise that your Hotmail or your account (or actually any of several different Microsoft-offered email accounts) are actually your Microsoft account.
In other words, if you changed this password, you’ve just changed the password associated with SkyDrive, Skype (if you’re using your Microsoft account for that), and many other Microsoft services that use this email address to log in.

Best Dual Band WiFi Router in India: Buying Guide

Interested in using Wifi but don’t know which one to choose? Well, since you have landed in this post I will provide you a list of the best dual band WiFi routers in India. The routers that I am going to talk about are some of the best wireless router range that are available nowadays.

Well, everyone knows that for using WiFi you need a router. And to be honest it is quite hard to come by a good WiFi router especially in India. So check out the list provided down below to know about the best dual band WiFi router in India.

List of the Best Dual Band WiFi Router in India:

Best Dual Band WiFi Router

Wireless routers are the basic things that you need for using Wifi, and the best thing about them is that you can connect a lot of devices to a single WiFi connection. Check out the list that I mentioned above.

Netgear WNR614 N300:

This Netgear wireless router has 4 LAN port and a WAN port. It si a quality wireless router that can be used for your home and business. This is probably the best Wifi router made by Netgear. It weighs around 200g and can support nearly all operating system. The wireless speed of this router is around 300Mbps. It also has SPI, NAT and DoS firewalls. Two antennas have been provided for providing a better network.

TP-Link TL-WR740N:

TP-Link is a well-known brand of routers around the world. This router from TP-Link provides a speed of around 150 Mbps. If you are looking for a strong router then this is one of those. It even supports SSID and has 4 LAN ports and a WAN port. LED idicator and an external antenna has been provided with it.

Cisco Linksys E900:

This list would probably be incomplete without the Cisco Linksys E900. This is probably the best wireless router in this list. It has been built in with leading 802.11n technology. It has around 4 ethernet ports and has a transfer rate of around 300Mbps. The weight of the Cisco Linksys E900 is around 567g.

These are some of the Best Dual Band WiFi Router in India. I would recommend that you go for one of these as these have been used by a lot of people. In fact I myself am using one of these Wi-Fi routers. So grab one of these and start using.

Top 4 iCloud Account Features You Should Know About

Apple Inc launched its helpful service known as iCloud. It is used to save the data of the user and different other information in such a manner that can never be lost at any cost. This is a satellite enabled service in which the information you save will remain in that account no matter whether you delete all from your iPhone anytime. It will remain safe until you delete from the iCloud account.

Features of iCloud:

The concept of cloud channelizing is recently getting practically popular because people are unable to adjust so much of data on their iPhone or iPod anymore. They need a computing space where they can customize the personal data and enjoy the seamless features of the smart device anytime and anywhere. In general terms, it is a phone backup service which enables the user to stay tension free and save their memories for personal and professional future use. However, there are several iPhone applications that are compatible with the iCloud Sign in service, some are listed below-

How Valuable iCloud User Feels?


The iCloud is able to support the iTunes software. It even gives permission to the user to buy music from one device while it can share it with all other synchronized devices at the same time. Thus, all the purchased music tracks, E-books, and all other applications will display in additional iCloud connected devices and they not even require an active sync.

2.Photos and document sync

By using the iCloud account you can share photos across the gadgets integrated with photo stream application within the definite space. In just one push technology you can get a photo roll with flawless integration. It also synchronizes the media files in a single touch. Though iCloud can automatically save the files without asking for the permission every time, but it can keep the photos and documents in the local drive too. When an iCloud update is required, then it does an automatic update whenever comes in the wireless connection contact.

3.Contacts and mails

The devices which share the iCloud connection will automatically update the new contacts and mails. It can be shared with all the subscribed calendars, mails and contact folders of the sync devices.

4.iCloud backup service

It is ultimately the most valuable tool that iOS user can have. The cloud sync makes the automatic backup for books, files, and photos when comes in the contact with Wifi.

Whenever a wireless network is available to a device, at that time all the content in the phone is automatically synchronized. Now you don’t have to drag files from your local drive and put in the iCloud account each time. Let your service do it for you while you are busy in making memories.

What are its limitations?

Well, there are several types of advantages one can have by using the iCloud facility, but it accompanies some limitations as well. If you are using a free cloud service for iOS then provided space is only 5GB. This is the biggest disadvantage for a large media file user.

New products from Apple Company says goodbye to Ipod classic

On Tuesday, Apple not only introduced three new products. After Tim Cook, CEO of the firm, glossed the ‘goodness’ of the proposed new company the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch-, something unexpected happened: the iPod Classic, the latest version the first digital music player that the company put up for sale, disappeared Store Manufacturer.

After thirteen years of service, the company’s bitten apple retiring responsible largely device that Steve Jobs and his recover his pulse in the technology industry, recently entered the XXI century. Not for less. Until September 2012, the company had put into circulation more than 350 million players. However, since 2008, sales have been falling. Despite attempts to revamp the formula, the thrust of smartphones and music services in the cloud paint a picture in which the iPod have less and less sense.

Apple Company says goodbye to iPod classic

Apple Company says goodbye to Ipod classic

There was a prototype with a slot for memory cards and one with a very cheap RAM with a problem: the songs were erased when the battery ran out. Finally, the prototype with the hard drive was the big winner. But there was still a pending task: how they would handle hundreds of songs users quickly and simply? Another team engineers, Phil Schiller gave the key to developing an interface that Apple says goodbye now: the wheel. For Schiller had no logic that the user was constantly pushing buttons so he designed a roulette endless could move with the thumb. As he turned, the user was scrolling through songs faster and faster. A button in the centre was used to make the selection. SteveJobs loved it and proposed to limit its functions so that for more complex tasks, such as creating playlists, computer necessary.

The other pillar of the device was its excellent design, Jonathan Ive responsibility, which opted to use polished stainless steel for the rear and a near nuclear white plastic front. That colour would be the hallmark for many years for users of iPod and also move to the headphones and charger. On October 23 of that year, Jobs had the device at a price of $ 399. It was a success and a perfect match Jobs’ obsession to connect art and technology into a single object.

The company was launching models with more capacity, colour screen, touch wheel, touch screen and still, retains three devices: the iPod shuffle, nano and touch. Music lovers, however, will miss the 80 and 160 GB.

The 8 operating system ios comes with all these new feauters

Yesterday was a very important day for Apple, as it announced the arrival on the market of the new phones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (the latter with the new 5.5-inch screen) and also was also the starting the arrival of its first smartwatch, the Apple Watch. But also, it was announced something that went almost unnoticed for many: the release date of the final version of the new iOS operating system 8.
Specifically, on this development start to be deployed to the models that are compatible will be on September 17 and replaces the version 7.1.2 which is now available as an official and final. Models that will install the new iOS version 8 are:
– IPad 2
– Third Generation iPad
– iPad Mini
– Air iPad
– iPhone 4S
– iPhone 5, and 5c 5s
– Fifth Generation iPod Touch

If you do not have one of these models, you can not install the new version of the operating system and will have to stay with the above, will continue to be fully functional as far.
The most important news of iOS in August
Some of the new features that are most important in the new operating system. Apart from the change in design such as for example in the Icons-, is also enhanced keyboard, which is more efficient, and is called QuickType. In addition, power control physical state is also present in Apple’s own work with the specific application called Health. With it, you can measure parameters such as the activity that takes place the day after and control aspects such as weight.
Also, new models of iPhone 6, and thanks to the inclusion of technology NFC, you can make payments with their own terminal (Apple Pay), something that I have spoken of specifically. This is an important step for Apple, which has the support of major companies such as VISA and that may mean the final arrival phone usage for these tasks.

A final detail: It is curious that the arrival of iOS 8 is scheduled on September 17 as mentioned above, and you should not forget that the new iPhone 6 in its two variants come to Spain the next twenty-six of the same month. Therefore, some may see first hand how the new development works without waiting for new devices, which are in principle will take the best advantage.

Best Apps For Movie Streaming: Download for Free

Are you searching for the best apps for movie streaming? If so, then in this post I am going to tell you some of the best movies streaming app, where you can watch movies, videos, and TV shows.  Movies streaming apps are really great apps for the users because these apps help users by providing latest movies, videos, and watch on their Smartphone freely.

There are also many movies streaming app that are why many of the people get confused which one to grab. But to the Best of my knowledge, I prefer Showbox app to other apps because of its special features and Flexibility. Therefore, below, I have listed some of the best apps for movie streaming for you.

So, let’s check out them below…



Showbox is also one of the famous apps for movie streaming; this app supports all platform such windows, android, iOS. Showbox provides users with a better option for streaming than others streaming app. Now, Showbox for iPhone also becomes one of the favourite streaming apps by the people. This app offers users unlimited of movies, videos, TV shows and much more. The app not only offers watching movies but it also let you download movies, videos, and any TV shows.

Showbox also has low to high range of resolution, so, if you want to watch movies with high quality, then you can select 1080p 0r 720p resolution. But to watch with high-quality format movies, you need a fast internet connection. In case, if your internet is slow, you have to use the low or medium quality.

2. Movie Tube

 Movie Tube

If you are really a movie lover, then you can grab this app and watch your favourite’s movies, TV shows on your Smartphone and PC. Movie Tube is one of the best movie streaming apps for Android device.

Here, the app offers a low resolution to high like 240p to 720p.  You can also watch latest movies, which are newly released. Movie tube is very easy and simple to use the and it also supports IOS, windows and obviously Android platform.

3. Tubi TV


This app also provides users with an unlimited collection of movies, videos, and many TV shows. This app lets you watch your favourite movies, and one of the best things about this app is that there are various categories like comedy, Romantic, action, horror, etc.

By choosing any categories, you can watch the types of movies that you want. Like others, here, you can also choose the pictures quality that you want to watch with.

4. Crackle App

 Crackle App

This is one of the alternative apps of the show box. Crackle app also let you watch movies, videos online. It is totally free of cost, like other apps, this app also has various categories like drama, comedy, action etc., from these categories you can watch types of movies you want.

You can get this app on Google play store. In case if you are using a Smartphone.

These are some of the popular apps for movies streaming and these apps will provide you unlimited of movies to watch. As I have discussed in the above, these apps support all types of the platform such as windows, android, and iOS. So, I hope you like this post and have no doubt to choose your best app for movies streaming. Hence, if you have any doubt use the below comments box and share your opinion.

MoboMarket: A Boon to Android App Developers Worldwide

Everyone is quite familiar with the Google Play Store which is the default Android app marketplace and comes preinstalled with every Android device. This play store allows its users to download amazing games and applications available in the store on their devices.

Ever since the development of the Android operating system, Play Store has remained the sole place to download all the apps and games. Thus, Google dominates over the marketplace and decides which apps would make an entry in its marketplace. This made several developers around the world face failure since their apps were not accepted in the play store.


Realizing these loopholes, came up with an open source marketplace named MoboMarket that helps the Android application developers all over the global to feature their masterpieces in this marketplace. Once featured on the Mobo Market, the store takes charge of the app and ensures to deliver high quality traffic to your apps. This not just helps you app get potential eyeballs but also help in maximizing your revenue.

The setup or download for MoboMarket is available for free on the’s official website. You can visit this site and install MoboMarket on your devices. Once installed, this store is free to use and doesn’t require any sign-ups or account syncing procedures to use it like that of the Google Play Store. Hence, users can simply start downloading free applications listed in its database.

Apart from featuring a large number of outstanding games and applications, the MoboMarket also boasts of several amazing functionalities that make this store all the more amazing. One of the exclusive features of MoboMarket is its geo-location targeting and content pushing system. This system helps the app to track the user location and show him/her relevant apps of nearby events, restaurants, boutiques, parlors, offers and discounts. This feature thus helps the user get a lot from this marketplace.

Though into geo-location targeting and content pushing systems, MoboMarket maintains an extremely simply Graphical User Interface (GUI) which can even be handled by a novice. Well organized screen, distinguished applications and games make it easy for the user to find their desired apps. Moreover, the app also provides its uses with a dynamic search option that searches the desired app based on the keywords.

All in all, MoboMarket is one of the biggest substitutes for the Google Play Store. And this has been proved since the marketplace has over 100 million users worldwide and over a 5 million daily active users. This grand success has led MoboMarket to launch all new version 3.0 of this marketplace. This new version will be featuring a more precise and upgraded geo-location targeting along with a brand new user friendly interface.

A leading marketplace in North America, South East Asia, Middle East, and North Africa, MoboMarket is all set to acquire the entire world with its contemporary Android app marketplace.



Full Wi-Fi Coverage in Top 20 Indian Cities by 2016

Wifi Enabled Indian Cities: Global Telecom infrastructure provider UT Starcom is confident about Wi-Fi enabled cities in India by the end of 2015.Wi-Fi complements data offload applications. It is implemented by operators world-wide. Rahul Pandey Director-sales (SAARC Countries) says that the Wi-Fi coverage will be a reality in the top 20 cities in India by 2015.

UT Starcom Hong Kong head quartered company existed in India from 2000 and has second highest market in India after Japan.UT Starcom CEO William Wong said that every one moved to 3G after 2G Spectrum and now the stage where 3G running out of spectrum raised where Wi-Fi comes in at this situation.

 Top 20 Indian Cities Will be Fully WiFi Zoned by end of 2016:

With Wi-Fi the cost carrying data is just one-tenth. If the user want to offload the 3G and 4G Traffic to move on to Wi-Fi operating expenses reduces greatly. The same is seen in Japan and to be implemented in India too.

After the Narendra Modi’s visit to Japan India’s Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad went to Japan to check how UT Starcom utilization is done there.

Company explained Prasad who they are utilizing 500,000 hotspots (Wi-Fi area), in the sense 1.5 million access points and also showed interest in replicating the same in India with the request of Minister.

Indian Government is planning to speedy roll out of Wi-Fi services in the Country.

UT Starcom is focusing on Government’s National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) which help it in utilizing the Wi-Fi facility in Rural areas. NOFN is perfect to link up 600 million rural people of India living across 250, 000 gram panchayats which were spread over 6,600 blocks and 631 districts using broad band optical network.

“Government believe that the quickest way to involve high percentage utilization is making use of Wi-Fi,” Wong CEO of UTStarcom said.

Modi Government is showing keen interest in making the both Metros and rural areas Wi-Fi Zones. By the end of 2015 more than 20 Indian Cities will be Wi-Fi Zones  and very soon the other places in India go Wi-Fi. We wish India to catch up the global stage with this remarkable change told Wong CEO of UTStarcom.

Pokemon Go Hacks & Cheats – Get Free Pokeballs

Pokemon Go is the most realistic game that is developed and created by Niantic. This gaming app has a beautiful interface that enables users to access in the app for a long time.

The game has several tips and tricks associated which are to be followed while playing. This game is not available in all countries and locations however but interesting persons can download the game.

You can make the game more interesting by getting Lucky Patcher game hacker on your Smartphone, which will help you in unlocking some of the premium features of this game such as availing more Pokemon etc. However, in this post, I will tell you about various ways to cheats in Pokemon Go.

Four creative ways to cheats in Pokemon:


1.The Easy Gym Hack:

If you want to hack your gym and make get more rewards then you can now do it easily by cheating over the gym and getting some free rewards. So, this basically means that you don’t need to face the gym since it takes quite a lot of time for a trainer to heal the Pokemon as well. In this process, you can also use Lucky Patcher and hack all the Pokemon without even facing the Gym easily.

2.Hatching eggs more efficiently:

You can easily hatch the eggs by knowing the locations as your GPS can be easily tracked in 60 seconds. So, this way you will not need to walk around all the time for hatching the eggs in the game. You can easily hack all those eggs by tracing in a parking lot which is a favorable place to hatch the eggs.

3.GPS spoofing:

This is the easiest way to pretend to be in the location where you are actually not. The spoofing enables you to hide your original location which is the most effective way to cheat others and earn many rewards as well. You can easily set your fake GPS and start cheating others by collecting Pokemon without even leaving home.

4.Throwing the Perfect curveball:

You can easily throw the Pokeballs by using the curveball which is the effective way to face Pokemon. So, you can also hack all the curveball by using Lucky Patcher and you can swipe the motion of curveball as well.


You can now easily hack and cheats in the game by using Lucky Patcher which is an amazing tool for cheating in the game.

Game of Thrones TV Show – Download and Watch Online

This article is about the one of the famous TV series. For the novel in the series a song of ice and fire, see a game of thrones. For other uses, see a game of thrones.

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and d.b weis. this song(a song of ice and fire)is taken by George RR.martin’s series of fantasy novels, the initial of which is a game of thrones.

It is some shooting is done from at Titanic Studios in  Belfast, and other scenes filmed at in the United Kingdom, and in Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and the United States. The series premiered on HBO channel in the United States on April 17, 2011, and its sixth season completed on June 26, 2016.

Download Games of Thrones with Moviebox:

Moviebox Download: It is a famous streaming as well as entertainment application for android, iOS, iPhone, iPad. Watch your Favorite shows without any Subscription.
Game Of Thrones

The series was renewed for a seventh season, scheduled to premiere in mid-2017, with a total of seven episodes and will declare final conclude with its eighth season of game of thrones in 2018.

Set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, it has different plot lines and a large ensemble cast. The first story arc follows  a sequence of rulers from the same family, conflict among competing claimants for succession to the iron throne of the seven kingdoms, with other noble families fighting for independence from the throne.

The second covers attempt to reclaim the throne by the exiled last scion of the realm’s deposed ruling dynasty; the third chronicles the threat of the impending winter and the legendary creatures and fierce peoples of the North.

Although the first part is inspired by the novel, later seasons have significant changes. According to David Benioff, the show is “about adapting the series as a whole and following the map George laid out for us and hitting the major milestones, but not necessarily each of the stops along the way”.